An award-winning pianist who brings South American flair and excitement to a wide programme from baroque to classical and romantic styles from both Europe and Latin America.

Winner of the prestigious Brazil International Piano Competition, Jessie was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and trained in Brazil, Holland and Italy.

She has performed widely across Europe and South America.

An electrifying live performer, her broad repertoire includes Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Schumann, Grieg, Tchaikovsky and much more.

Her recordings of Chopin waltzes and nocturnes and atmospheric Latin American classics combine poise, dramatic phrasing and exhilarating bursts of pace.

What the reviews said:

“Flawless technique,” “distinctive interpretation… musical intelligence …evokes a    powerful audience reaction” (HOLLAND)

“Bold virtuosity…lives the essence of the music” (BRAZIL)

“Has her audience spellbound…magical” (IRELAND)

“An outstanding performer… with consistent assured technique …who combines well with the orchestra” (ARGENTINA)

“Compelling and masterful performance of Liszt… highly rhythmic and strongly accented…” (UNITED KINGDOM)

Jessie has performed in more than 20 countries.

She is currently available  for concerts and special events.